Promise Rings: A Brief Introduction

Promise rings, also commonly known as commitment rings, are becoming more popular than ever in today’s society.

Couples are using them as pre-engagement rings, close friends can give them to each other as a sign of their friendship, and those of strong faith as a show of spiritual commitment or chastity. In other words, they can be used to show commitment to any kind of pledge you might want to uphold!

promise rings for her

As with most types of jewelry, commitment rings are particularly popular with women. From a male point of view, giving your girlfriend one of these will be a really big hit with her for two reasons: first of all, you have done something special to show that you treasure the relationship, and secondly, you have given her a lovely piece of jewelry! There are thousands of rings available online, so, to help out, we have written a guide on promise rings for her and have included a list of our favourites that are available online.

That being said, promise rings for men are becoming more and more popular. They are usually in the form of a moral ring or a pre-engagement ring, with friendship rings being less common among men.

promise rings for couplesPromise rings for couples are another form in which a man may wear a commitment ring; these rings come in matching pairs and each partner in the relationship wears one. They are a nice way to signify a tight bond and symbolise that the two of you are always together.

This is just a small overview, and we know that many people are often confused about the use of these rings and the circumstances in which someone might be interested in purchasing one. For more detail, and an in-depth guide to the different types of rings as well as an interesting look at the long history of ‘commitment rings’, see What Are Promise Rings?.